Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This week was amazing!!!! :)

Okay again I don´t have a lot of time so I want to quickly share an experience that Sister Sena and I had this week!

So Sister Sena and I met this guy the other day named Mauricio. We shared The Restoration with him and he was paying attention to everything we said and asking so many questions, you could tell that he was really interested. And the spirit was SO strong. I don´t know what it was, but this lesson was one of the most powerful lessons I have
had on my mission. Seriously. At the beginning of the lesson he was talking about this pain that he was having in his foot that was keeping him from walking, and the doctors couldn´t figure out what it was. So, the end of the lesson arrived and we´re talking about the Book of Mormon and and he said he would read and pray that night. We promised him that if he read the and prayed that night, that the pain in his foot would go away. I literally have the goosebumps as I´m typing this. We promised him and his response was, AMEN. He kept repeating it throughout the lesson. haha. We told him we would call him that night to follow up and see if he had done it, we promised that the pain in his foot would be gone by the time we called. So 9:30 arrives and we called him, Sister Sena and I were both standing on our beds in anticipation! So we asked if he read and prayed and said he did, and we asked how it was and he said he felt good and that he knows the Book of Mormon is true. We had our little freak out happy dance on our beds, haha. Then the real question, we asked how his foot was. There was, what felt like a 10 minute pause, he responded and said exactly this: I feel no pain. Sister Sena and I both started crying and I could barely finish the conversation with him on the phone. It was SO amazing to literally see the hand of the Lord in his life! Through a promise that we made, because as His servants, we have the power and authority. He´ll be baptized December 28th. A late Christmas present. :)

I KNOW this church is the only true church of Christ. I am SO grateful to be a missionary. So grateful. I´m forever changed. I´m grateful for the relationship I´m gained with my Father in Heaven. I know He lives and he loves us! What´s really amazing is that I´m across the world right now but still preaching the same gospel the same doctrine and the same truths.
Até mais! Tchau tchau,
Sister Hallmark