Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This week has been GREAT

Sister Wilson is my new companion and honestly I don't remember if I told y'all that but if I did, whoops. :) Anyway, she's GREAT. We seriously get along so well, a little too well sometimes. Hehe. I have been so blessed to be with companions who I get long so well with! 

So this week was graduation so it was madness everywhere. CRAZY. We pretty much worked with a lot of the less actives in our ward which I ALWAYS love doing! I just love teaching and serving and helping and really being a missionary. But we've also taught some bomb lessons to sweeeet people, the only bad thing is that they're all like in they're 40's or married, so we have to pass them off to the elders! :( I love being in a YSA but I just wanna teach everyoneeeeee. #missionaryprobs I was like you're welcome elders you have the best investigators in the world because of us. You owe us! They laughed. I was serious. They owe us.! Haha jk. Well, maybe not. ;)

Actually I lied. We did have the best lesson in the entire world with this suuuuper chill guy named Lovert, he's from Cameroon and his friends/family/we don't really know just the other people in his house are from Liberia. We just contacted him on the street on our way to an appointment. When we went back the next day for a lesson the spirit was SO strong! He was soo receptive to everything! And when we extended a baptismal invitation, he was like well, yeah? Like duh? I wanted to cry. Also all of the sudden we're blowin up and teaching all these people from Africa. And by blowin up I mean we really only have like 3 people from Africa we're teaching, but STILL! They're SOOO COOOL. I just wanna be bffs with them all. I'm on a secret mission. hehe

Lastly, we lost our car... So there was literally no where to park and we were in this random part of town so we parked at a laundry mat, yeah probably not the best idea.. Anyway, so we start tracting, and contacting people but as it got closer to our next appointment we tried to leave, except we couldn't find our car... We walked around for probably like 30 minutes and we could not for the LIFE of us find that dang laundry mat where we parked our beloved car. Finally we stopped and talk to, wait for it, yes, an AFRICAN :) And he gave us directions, man they're just so friendly! 45 minutes later we finally find it. It was so retarded. We felt sooo dumb. Hahaha

I'm sooo happy to be on a mission today! The work is really moving forward! Our area is poppin. I love our ward and everyone we work with! I have been so blessed! I know our Heavenly Father is so mindful of everything we're going through! I have such a testimony of that! He loves us and wants us to come back! I love you all so much and the support you give me!

Tchau tchau,
Sister Hallmark

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