Tuesday, May 27, 2014


FATU AND GRACE ARE SET FOR BAPTISMMMM YO. K, you're probably wondering who those girls are, because I haven't mentioned them before. Yeah, it's because we met them less than a week ago. These people are so prepared it's INSANE. K so remember Lovert, the guy from Africa we contacted on the street? Yeah, well MIRACLE, because literally every single time we go to his house there's more people there! So we met Fatu earlier in the week and she and Lovert came to church yesterday and loved it! Fatu is 18, graduating high school this weekend and she's soo sweet! When we went over to their house last night after church, another girl we hadn't met before, Grace, same situation as Fatu, and they're both from Liberia. Well, after the lesson we committed everyone in the house to baptism on the 21st and Grace and Fatu accepted. Everyone else said they wanted a little bit more time to think about it. Which is totttttally fine! We're just so excited for them! Seriously this family is sooo cool! I love teaching people from Africaaaaaaa.

Well that was pretty much the highlight of our week. I know other stuff happen, I just can't think of anything. I will keep everyone posted though!

Keep reading the Book of Mormon, it brings BLESSINGS. Trust me! And if you follow it's teachings and have faith you will see MIRACLES. We've seen so many this week! The Lord loves us all so much!

Tchau tchau,
Sister Hallmark

Line of the week:
K just by the way this was probably one of the most embarrassing things I've said on my mission. With that being said here ya go..

Kristin (a less active we're working with) and I were talking about long distance relationships and of course what's the one phrase you think of when that subject comes up? Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? yeah. k so Kristin and I both started saying it at the same time except I'm retarded and I accidentally said "distance makes the fart go" then I stopped. Obviously I meant to say it the other way around. I really wish I could blame it on my Portuguese and just be like ohh I'm just not used to speaking English, you know, when RM's do that to make it look like they didn't mess up. Yeah, except I'm still in America. i don't speak portugueseeeeeee.. yet. hehe

Anyway it was embarrassing and reallllly funny we were all like crying.


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