Tuesday, December 31, 2013

January is almost here!

Christmas is over and Sister Romney is getting transferred. :( But it's okay, the church is true.

How was everyone's Christmas?! Mine was wonderful! I woke up and opened some packages from my wonderful family and wonderful young women's leaders! I loved everything, thank you so much!! :) Then Sister Romney and I made some breakfast! A ward member dropped off some breakfast stuff for us on Christmas eve, she was like "you sister's can't have cereal on Christmas morning!" She gave us some bacon, eggs, muffins and orange juice. It was wonderful! Then we headed over to a members house where I got to Skype my family for a little bit! It was the best!! Seeing them made me so happy and gave me the rejuvenation I needed! Haha. 

Church was great yesterday! Clarice didn't come, bless her heart. It was pouring rain outside, and she's in her mid 70's. I don't blame her for not wanting to get out in the rain. But we did have a few other investigators at church. One of them we were especially happy about, Joan. We've invited her a few times, but she always has excuses. This time, I was so blunt. I said, Joan, come to church with us tomorrow. It wasn't even a question. Haha. She said, okay. Sister Romney and I were so surprised, and soooo happy! She goes comes to church and the ward was SO welcoming! I swear, every single person who made eye contact with her, introduced themselves! Everyone was so friendly and asked her how she was liking church so far, then they said they hoped to see her back next week. Her response to everyone was "yeah, I hope so too." It was great. And she really connected with the Gospel Essentials teacher, Brother Johnson, which made things like a million times better! Then church ends, we say goodbye and go home. Sister Romney and I are studying when we get a text from her saying "I cant begin 2 tell u how good i feel." Sister Romney and I teared up! We were so grateful that she was happy to be at church and that she loved it. I know she felt she spirit! Ahh, so great!

I'll attach some pictures of her.

I know that this church is true, it's true whether I'm in Brasil or Virginia. I know that this is where I'm supposed to be. I love serving a mission! I love what my Savior, Jesus Christ did for me and all that he continues to do for me. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon! Without it, I would not be who I am this day. I have read it, prayed about it, and cannot deny the truth contained within. Sou um missionario a igreja de jesus cristo dos santos dos ultimos dias. 

Sister Hallmark

Line of the week:
Me: What's your favorite TV show? (I'm asking a 5 year old)
Sarah: Ummm. The Walking Dead. 
WHAT!?! Hahahaha

Me, Joan and Sister Romney

Breakfast! Don't pay attention to how ugly I look, I just woke up.. Hahaha


Me, Joan and Sister Romney  

Breakfast! Don't pay attention to how ugly I look, I just woke up.. Hahaha

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hello, everyone! This week has been great!

Church yesterday was great! We had 5 investigators come! We were in tears! Then it was the Christmas program, so there was a ton of beautiful music and it was just great! Sister Romney and I were in the ward choir so we sang in that and it was beautiful.

Clarice was one of the investigators who we had a church and she absolutely loved it. She couldn't stop talking about it. We went over to her house after church and all she kept saying was how much she loved it and wanted to go back. She's set for baptism on the 18th, but since coming to church yesterday, she wants to get baptized sooner! So we might be moving it up to the 11th instead! Here's the sad part though. Transfers are next week! :( We find out on Sunday and we'll be gone by Thursday. We told Clarice that there's a possibility that one or both of us could be leaving in 2 weeks and she was like no, I won't let you two go! I love you too much! Then of course we start to cry because we don't want to leave her! How can you? She's just so cute and sweet!!!

Don't really have much time to email this week, so until next time!

Line of the week:

Pillow talk, before we went to sleep. 
Me: Dangit, I forgot to write in my journal! I hate myself!
Sister Rmoney: Don't hate yourself. Dangit, we forgot to plan! I hate myself. 

Sister Hallmark

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

 Hello everyone!

How's Texas? Is it snowing there? It's snowing here in ol Virginie. I'll attach some pictures. I open all the blinds and just stare out the window. Sister Romney's from Utah, so she's like this is nothing! And didn't understand why they would cancel church for something to tiny. Haha. 

 Well this week was great! We've committed Clarise to baptism! January 18th! We're so excited! It'll be the best early birthday present ever! She is the sweetest old lady EVER! I JUST LOVE HER!! When she pray's, it bring Sister Romney and I to tears every time. She's like "Heavenly Father, I've really learned to love these little girls, I really know that this church is true and I want to be baptized! But I'd like to hear it from you first! I know we'll be resurrected someday and be with our families forever!" And all this stuff! She really loves talking about the Plan of Salvation, specifically the Pre-Earth life and the Spirit World. It's definitely something that I've taken for granted, the Plan of Salvation. I've just known about it my whole life, and have always just thought, I mean, yeah, it's cool. But the more I study and read about it, I'm just like DUH! OF COURSE. It makes so much sense. I just love it! I love the sacrifice that my Savior, Jesus Christ made for me, so that I can return to live with him someday! Anyway.. Back to Clarise Rinaldi. Have any of y'all seen Princess Diaries? Every time we're like let's go to Clarise! One of us says Rinaldi. Hahaha. 

Terri. I don't think I've ever mentioned her before. She's one of our eternal investigators. She loves the missionaries and helps us so much. She's been investigating the church for years now. She knows that it's true. She's read the Book of Mormon and knows that it's true but won't get baptized. She's like "oh sweetheart, if you'd told me about this church 20 years ago I would have gotten baptized, but I'm too old now. We're like NOOO! So, we still work with her. She's literally like my grandma. I take naps at her house. She's always like "when you come here, I want you to feel like you're at your grandmothers house! Kick back and relax. Open the fridge, get something to eat!" I love her. Anyway, we were at her house for the longest time this week helping set up her Christmas tree and other decorations. I'll get a picture with her next time, then show y'all.

Also this week we made gingerbread houses at Sister Wangberg's house. She's our bff in the ward. She keeps us updated on the world. Haha. 

Well this week has been fantastic! I can't wait to Skype my family on Christmas day! It'll be the best! I miss you all and love you! Write me letters! Since I can't see everyone for Christmas, write me a letter!! :) My address should be posted on this blog. 

I know that this church is true and I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I love reading from it. It's great to have that time set aside, each day to just read from it. I don't know why I didn't read that often before! It's great! I know that we can truly live forever with our families forever. I am so grateful for the ultimate sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us. This is why I'm on a mission. I am SO grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve at 19. I can't imagine being anywhere else or doing anything else. I love Virginia with all my heart. I know I'll love Brasil just as much! Te amo voces muito!! :)

Line of the week:
Sister Romney: (giving a spiritual thought to a family with 3 little kids) Who's our prophet today?
Sister Wangberg: (Mother) Seth. Who's our prophet?
Me: Thomas....
Seth: Jefferson! 
Nailed it. Hahaha, we were all dying laughing! 

Sister Hallmark
The beginning of the snow. :)

Side view of my gingerbread house, gotta have the chevron. And obviously, Snow written on the bottom, it's my middle name. 

So proud of our gingerbread houses! 

Here's Clarise and I! She's on her tippy toes and I'm bending down. She's about 4 feet tall and I'm 5'8''. You do the math.