Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Shmismas!

So this week's been good! Everyone is finally getting into the Christmas spirit. I've been in the Christmas mood since I got out here.
Thanksgiving was GREAT! We went to 3 houses. First stop was the Lopez's. We went over there around 1:00, after them we headed on over to one of our investigators, Terry. By then I was so full! But we still had one more house to go to! Final stop was the Hinxon's. And let me tell you, I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO FULL IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Never. I mean, it hurt to laugh. It was pretty bad. And by bad, I mean delicious! Haha, it was all pretty good!
So, remember last week when I told y'all about Joan Jones? Well she's set for baptism! JANUARY 11TH PEOPLE!!! We're so excited! Except I was on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, so I wasn't there! :( But Sister Romney told me all about it and said that the spirit was so strong. She was crying saying how she believe this church was true and she's so glad we come by and visit with here. And we've only been over there twice. The church is true! Also, while I was on exchanges, Sister Romney and Sister George visited another referral from the elders, Clarise, and she was another Joan! She was just soaking the restoration all up! And she committed to being baptized, too!!! I was crying when she told me! So happy! I'm like, seriously, the one time we go on exchanges THIS happens?! I'm so jealous! Thankfully, the elders gave us another referral, Roxanne and we're gonna go visit her tomorrow. Hopefully she's ready just like Joan and Clarise!! The work is really picking up here! We're on fire! It's so crazy!!
Line of the week:
(After we were done eating at the Hinxon's) Sister Romney: Seriously, my stomach is significantly bigger than it was this morning.
Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great! The church is true! I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and everything that he went though for me!
Sister Hallmark

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