Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The church is true!!

I have some great news! I should be in Brazil within the next 12 weeks, hopefully sooner, but we'll see! I've been praying to just have a time period of when I might receive my visa, just so I'll know! And I have!!! I'm so grateful! The church is true!!!!!! I love being a missionary!

So this week has been amazing. Sister Romney and I found a new investigator. The elders tracted into her, and have them to us, since she was a single elderly lady. So, we went to her house the other day and she's amazing! Her name is Joan Jones, and the Lord has really been preparing her for this gospel! First of all, she is a 75 year old lady, who has FULL custody of her great-grandson. And he's not really her great grandson. It's her grandson's, girlfriends baby, they thought her grandson was the father, but he's not.. And his girlfriend and him are both in prison... So she has full custody of him and takes care of him like he's her old child. Little Cameron is only 5 months old. Doesn't that just break your heart? Anyway, we taught her the restoration and she was just soaking it all in. When we asked her if she believe if Joseph Smith really saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ (most people have a problem with believing this) and she said confidently, YES. I was like AHHHH! Then she committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. And best of all, she accepted our invite to be baptized!! I LOVE JOAN.

Well, Thanksgiving is on Thursday. My first holiday without the fam. It's gonna be sad, but I'll have my mission family! Haha. We're eating at a members house and I'm super excited. The Hinxon's are so funny! It's gonna be a great day.

Oh my goodness, I watched the best Mormon Message last week but forgot to tell everyone to watch it! It was called  "Wrong Roads" Everyone go watch it!! It's awesome! That's my challenge to all of y'all!

I love this gospel more than anything in my life, I am SO grateful to be a member of this church in these latter-day's and be able to serve 2 missions. I know, without a shadow of a doubt that this church is true, the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet!

Eu amo voces!!

Line of the week:
Sister Sloat: Yeah, it's just going to be so hard not to be able to go to McDonald's' and get a sweat tea anymore!
Me: But they have REALLY good Root Beer.

It's true. What can I say? Haha

Sister Hallmark

Ps, I lost the my camera chord, so no pictures for this week until I can find it! :(


  1. The people of Brazil are gonna be so blessed to have you there! :) I've been getting updates from your dad when I go get my shots. I'm so happy for all the wonderful experiences you're having. Your excitement comes right through in your posts.
    I love you, Darcy not Darby. You take care. You're in our prayers. <3

    1. Darci, not Darcy. In my defense I have had a monster sinus infection/cold for the last week. I'm surprised that wasn't the only mistake I made. :D