Monday, November 11, 2013


Sorry I completely forgot to write a blog last week. I'm so sorry!

This week has been great! With Sister Bradshaw's new calling, Sister Romney and I are getting fed every night. Which is so good! I was getting a little tired of Firehouse Subs. Haha

So we've been working a lot lately with less actives and it's been great! One less active in particular, Sister Sloat, is my favorite. She has such a sweet spirit about her. It's been her goal to get back to the temple, and overcome her addiction to smoking and she just got her temple recommend last Sunday. We were both in tears, she was so excited. For some reason last Sunday I could not stop crying, I love testimony meeting and I loved the lesson we had in Relief Society. So, during the lesson in RS, we were talking about visiting teaching and Sister Sloat raised her hand and made a comment about how she didn't have any visiting teachers and God knew that so he sent her the sister missionaries and she loves us. I couldn't stop crying! So, I leaned over put my arm around her and said "I love you." Then, a few minutes later, a sister made a comment (I don't remember what it was about) that really touched my heart and I started to cry again. Sister Sloat leaned over, put her arm around me and said "I love you." I lost it. I could not stop crying!!! I love her so much! Such a sweet old lady!

Oh yeah! I just remembered! So President and Sister Wilson had a special announcement for us! We're all getting iPads in 2014! Each missionary. AND we get to keep them after our mission! They're OURS! Sister Romney and I are stoked! We'll be able to show investigators Mormon Messages and stuff! All our manuals, book, scriptures, everything will be on there! No more bulky bags! I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

Transfers are a week from Wednesday people! One week we're talking! I don't wanna leave Spotsy!!! I love the ward here, and I love my companion! Change is hard! I wouldn't mind getting transferred to Brazil though.. See what I did there? My visa will come soon enough. :( Hopefully! haha. I just found out that my companion from the MTC got her visa and leaves for Brazil on Monday. I almost peed my pants when I found out. Everyone in my district has slowly but surely been getting their visa's. Hopefully mine will be next! 

 So we had dinner at the Rivards this week and they're awesome! They told us something funny! So originally Sister Bradshaw scheduled us and the elders for the same night with the Rivards, and we're not allowed to eat dinner at the same place as the elders. I'm not quite sure why. Anyway, so Sister Rivard got a phone call from Sister Bradshaw saying "sorry you can't feed both the elders and the sisters, you have to pick one." Sister Rivard said "well, obviously the sisters!" Hahaha, we feel bad! Sister Romney and I share a ward with the zone leaders and everyone totally likes us better! Duh, though! We're sisters! Haha

Well I can't think of anything else we did for this week! I love you all and I love this work!!

Hope everyone has a great week! Eu amo voces!

Line of the week:

*Sister Romney and I are getting out of the car to visit a less active*
Sister Romney: Well.... I don't have my scriptures.
Me: Shoot! Me neither.
Both of us are just dying at this point.
Sister Romney: Well.. Do you have any memorized?!
Me: Jesus wept and my father dwelt in a tent.
 We were both laughing so hard! Two missionaries FORGOT THEIR SCRIPTURES. -__- iPads 2014! Haha

Sister Hallmark

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