Monday, November 18, 2013

Spotsy fa lifeeeee!

 So transfer calls were yesterday, and Sister Romney and I have been thinking about them all week! Neither of us wants to go, so we were both freaking out! Well, Sunday rolls around and it's call time. Basically the way they do transfer calls are only to torture us!!! I swear! Haha. So, President Wilson starts making calls around 7:00pm and depending on how many people get transferred, he could end calling around 10:30pm! If you're getting transferred, you'll get a call from President, if you're not getting transferred, you won't. So, if you're not getting transferred YOU WAIT ANXIOUSLY WAIT BY THE PHONE FOR 3 HOURS WAITING TO SEE IF YOU'RE GETTING TRANSFERRED, ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT YOU'RE NOT. Good times. Hahaha. Seriously, Sister Romney and I were like hoovering over the phone. But when we got a text from the Zone Leaders saying that transfer calls were over, we started jumping up and down and screaming! We're gonna be together for another 6 weeks!!! We're so excited! She's seriously become like one of my best friends. We're so unified, it's crazy! We're ALWAYS saying the same things at the same time.. it's creepy. Haha. Also, the area I'm in right now, Spotsylvania is the bomb. The ward is great and I love all the people here, they're so friendly. I'm excited to be here for another transfer.

So, Friday was a rough day, but it had it's rewards. We started off the day with an appointment with Clarise. She was a referral from the elders. We had called and set up this appointment and she sounded so excited! We practically taught her the restoration over the phone. Anyway, so we get to her house and she's not home.. :( We called her three times and left voice-mails but she didn't answer. We were so upset. We don't really understand what happen, so we're praying for her. We decided then that we would go tracting. Oh! So our ward is having their annual Live Nativity, Celebration of Christ and they had little invitations that they gave to us to pass out. So, we decided we'd go tracting and pass the invitations out so it's not as awkward. NOPE. Still awkward. People are weird. Hahaha. Sister Romney and I knocked on this one lady's door and she wasn't answering so we assumed no one was home and did what any sensible person would do. We started dancing on her porch. Obviously. But guess what? Someone was home.. She opened the door and just awkwardly stared at us. I've never felt so awkward in my life. I was so embarrassed! But afterwards Sister Romney and I almost peed our pants laughing. Good times. Gotta love the mish. So after we were finished passing out all the invitations, we decided to reward ourselves with some hot chocolate. We were craving white peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks, so that's where we went. Through the drive through, of course. We pull up, and there's a sign that says "buy one drink get one free! November 14th through the 17th 2 to 5pm." It was the 16th at 4:30. Can't get more perfect than that. The church is true. So we got our two white peppermint hot chocolates for the price of one! Holla!

Eu amo este trabalha! Eu se que este evangelho e verdadiero. Eu amo Virginia, mas eu nao espera a ser em Brasil. Eu se que Jose Smith foi um profeta correta e eu amo ele. Eu amo este opportunidad que tenho a servir uma missao e servir o Senhor. Estou muita feliz que eu estare aqui em Spotsy por 6 semanas mais! A Igreja E Verdadiero! Eu amo voces!!


Sister Hallmark

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