Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hello, everyone! This week has been great!

Church yesterday was great! We had 5 investigators come! We were in tears! Then it was the Christmas program, so there was a ton of beautiful music and it was just great! Sister Romney and I were in the ward choir so we sang in that and it was beautiful.

Clarice was one of the investigators who we had a church and she absolutely loved it. She couldn't stop talking about it. We went over to her house after church and all she kept saying was how much she loved it and wanted to go back. She's set for baptism on the 18th, but since coming to church yesterday, she wants to get baptized sooner! So we might be moving it up to the 11th instead! Here's the sad part though. Transfers are next week! :( We find out on Sunday and we'll be gone by Thursday. We told Clarice that there's a possibility that one or both of us could be leaving in 2 weeks and she was like no, I won't let you two go! I love you too much! Then of course we start to cry because we don't want to leave her! How can you? She's just so cute and sweet!!!

Don't really have much time to email this week, so until next time!

Line of the week:

Pillow talk, before we went to sleep. 
Me: Dangit, I forgot to write in my journal! I hate myself!
Sister Rmoney: Don't hate yourself. Dangit, we forgot to plan! I hate myself. 

Sister Hallmark

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