Monday, November 24, 2014

K this week was amazinggggg!!!!

Sebastiana got married and baptized!!!!!! :) Her baptism was so special! She has been waiting for several months because she had to get married first, and when the time finally came we were all bawling! Ah I love her!

Mary is getting baptized this Saturday! Funny story, so we had lunch at her house and afterwards we´re teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, no big deal. I start talking about enduring to the end, the LAST point in this lesson, and Sister Sauer Davis was like oh you have something in your teeth. And I was like stop that right now, please tell me you´re kidding! Haha NOPE. Right smack in the middle. I turned to Mary and was like did you know I had stuff in my teeth and she was like yeah I just didn´t want to say anything. I was like I HATE YOU BOTH! Hahaha we were all laughing so hard! I feel the love. #RUDE

So the other night we were on our way home from an appointment and we had like 10 minutes to get home before it was 9:30 and we were about 30 minutes away. So we´re literally RUNNING to make it into our apartment on time and Sister Sauer Davis was like k if you see a car with a girl we´re asking for a ride home. And I thought it was just a joke, like we´re in a hurry and she was exaggerating. NOPE. Literally she flagged down a car and this random girl gave us a ride home. Hahahaha. When we got in the house I was like K I THOUGHT YOU WERE KIDDING. And she was like oh heck no. The sister training leaders taught me this. hahaha I was like literally only in Brasil can you do this. You would get kidnapped or something if you did that in the united states. Everyone here is so nice. :) I loveeeee it. :)

I´m so grateful for this time I have to be here. It truly is a blessing. I´m learning so much. I´m so grateful for the sacrament and that we can literally be completely cleansed each week and receive again the Holy Ghost. I ´m grateful for the gifts of the spirit and how loving our Heavenly Father is. I KNOW He loves us and has our best interest. I love the scriptures. I love growing more of a love for the Saviors Atonement in my life. :)


Oh p.s. I´m coming home to Texas on Feb 19th! :) 

Sebastiana got married and baptized!

We had brownies for dessert. I haven´t had brownies once since being here. I wanted to cry tears of joy. They were SOO good!

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