Monday, November 10, 2014

Nossa! This week was incredible!

 K so we had a couple cray cray lessons with some seriously crazy people. OH! Sister Sauer-Davis and I met a prophet! His name is Paulo. Hahahaha. He gave Sister and I a prophesy! After the mission I´m going to come back to Brasil and marry a 38 year old and Sister Sauer-Davis will stay in the United States and marry with someone who has 26 years. Also he said a bunch of other stuff but I couldn´t really understand, because I was focusing on trying to keep a straight face. He was like yelling so loud and with such force that he was spitting. I was like #CHILL hahahahahahah goooood times. 

OH! So we met the sweetest guy ever, Fernando who is suppper prepared and already knows a ton about our church. We were talking about eternal families and he started tearing up and said he wants that so bad. It was such a neat experience to see how badly he wants this. We are SO blessed to be members of Christs church. This story has a sad middle... Fernando lives out of our area. :( The other sisters are teaching him now. Not terribly sad because he´s still gonna get baptized and everything. There´s something amazing about watching someone grow in the gospel and you can see how much it´s changing their lives. Ah well. He´s still great! Now the cray part.. His dad walks in and we were like hi how are you doing? We asked his name and I thought I heard correctly but I wanted to ask again before I freaked out. Sorry what did you say your name was? Darci. LITERALLY. I was like whattttt theeeee. We showed each other our ID´s and it´s the same spelling and everything I was like of course. #mylife

I´m so excited! It´s already the 10th of November! That means only 12 more days until Sebastianas marriage and baptism!!! :) Sister Sauer-Davis and I are gonna make oreo balls! Ahhhh! I seriously love her so much!!! I finally tooks some pictures with her! :) 

We found so many people this week who are just awesome! I feel so blessed to be here! It´s crazy because when I was in Virginia all I wanted to do was be in Brasil. Then when I arrived here I was like... I miss Virginia! :( It was a HARD transition, completely switching languages. At first I felt like I wasn´t needed here. I was called to Virginia. But now, I don´t know what changed, but I KNOW I was called here for a reason. I was called to serve in 2 missions. This week in Ipatinga with Sister Sauer-Davis I feel like I gained such a testimony of that. We´re all in the exact places were we are, with the people we´re with, for a reason. Heavenly Father knows. I am SO grateful to be HIS servant. I love Him and this gospel with my whole heart. I am so grateful to be a member of His church. I love the Book of Mormon SO much!

Até mais! Amo vocês!

Sister Hallmark

Sister Sauer-Davis and I! :)

Random goat in the street? Hahaha

I don´t even know what kind of animal this is. But it was huugeeeeee and ugly. haha

brasil there are bugs EVERYWHEREEEEEEE. #inmybed #intheshower #inthecouch 

Oh my gosh! K so random trees here have fruit that grow and you can just pick them and eat them. The only fruit I´ve know what it is, is blackberry, and they´re soooo goood here! So fresh! But the other fruit I have no clue, I just eat it. This was my favorite! This is Açerola, a little sour and soooo good!!!!!   

The avocados here are as big as my head!!! And SOOOO good! And SOOOOOOOOOO big!!!! Ahhh! 

Sebastiana!! :) I loveeeeee her!

Yeah this is like the smallest hill here. It´s rare if you find a street that´s flat. So the word for hill in Português is morro, which is also the present tense for I die. #thatisall

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