Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This week was awesome!

 I TURNED 21! YAYYYYY!!!! My birthday was awesome! Birthdays on the mish are the BEST! :)

So Patricia was at church and she told us that she prayed and knows that she needs to be baptized. So we met Paticia on the 7th of January and she will get baptized the 7th of February! I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I´ll send a photo of her and I. 

Also, a less active that we´ve been working with lately, Maria, she was at church yesterday, too! She was so excited to tell us that she had talked about the church to two random people that she met! She said that they seemed super interested and she got their information! We gave them a call and have an appointment to visit them this week. Maria is just so cute! She´s this little old lady who has a hot dog store, literally, like she sells hot dogs, haha and she always has a TON of candy too. Sister Torres and I always try and buy some candy from her, but she always gives it to us for free! Haha. 

So yesterday after church we made a friend, Fred, I named him, he´s a cute little doggy! He was following us all day yesterday. K here in Brasil there are SO many stray dogs, seriously it´s so sad! I gave Fred some crackers so he was following us literally all day long. Until we had like 3 visits in people in one apartment complex and when we got out, he was gone. I was sooo sad. He was just so cute. I think I had a dream about him last night too, I don´t remember.. haha

I´m SO grateful for my mission and the things that I have learned. I just love it out here so much and I never want to leave. I´ve really been praying about extending my mission. I got the confirmation the other day that I need to stay here longer so I talked with president and he said he feels the same thing. Only that there aren´t any Americans going home next transfer so I would have to extend for 2 more transfers, 3 more months. So I prayed about it and it felt right. I´m leaving May 13th, instead of February 18th. I want to be home, but at the same time I know the Lord needs me here. I love you all and I´m so grateful for all the support I have! 

Also I have something else I really wanted to say, I hope you all aren´t too mad, but........ just kiddinggggggggggg. :) I´m not extending. hehehehehe I´ll be home in 3 weeks! Love you all!! :)

Amo vocês e espero que não fiquem chateada comigo! hehe

Sister Hallmark


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