Monday, January 13, 2014


So this week has been awesome. I don't have much time to write so I'll have to make this quick, but there's so much I want to say!

I have good news and not so good news. It's not bad.. Just not good. hehe. First off, Clarice isn't getting baptized on Saturday. :( We taught her about tithing and she's just not understanding the concept of it. Something's missing and now she's confused about everything and does't know if she wan't to be baptized anymore. I KNOW she knows this gospel is true. I've heard the way she prays and I've heard her testimony. Satan's really working hard on her right now. Jerk. It's okay though, she's still getting baptized! I'll just be pushed back a week or so. Now, the good news! Joan might be getting baptized this weekend! She told us the other day that she's made her mind up and that this is the church that she wants to join. She kept saying how there was just something different about our church. Everyone was so kind. She says she's been to so many different churches and not a single person says hello. :( But here, EVERYONE is like "hi are you new? I'm so and so, nice to meet you!" We're so happy!! :)

Also, Sister Nelson ordered a pink Ukulele!!! It's just going to have to be a tradition with me. Whenever you're my companion, I teach you ukulele, then you buy one. First Sister Romney, now Sister Nelson. I wonder who is next. hehe. I love it! We get to jam out all the time on our uke's. It's pretty fun!

Things are still going fantastic in Spotsy. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I never want to leave. I don't ever want to go home!!!!!!!! Not that I don't miss everyone, but I don't.. haha, just kidding, but I really do feel a special connection here in Virginia and I can't wait to feel the same thing once I arrive in Brazil!

Te amo todo mundo!

Sister Hallmark

I saw a Texas license plate at our apartments and freaked out, naturally.

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