Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spotsy for life!!!

So glad I survived transfers! Especially after all the miracles that happen this week, I would have been so upset if I had gotten transferred. Sister Nelson is my new companion, and I love her!

So, Thursday was the last day I had with Sister Romney! We were both bawling! Because I probably won't see her again until we get off our mission's, I'll most likely be getting my visa this transfer. :( So sad. But I seriously love Sister Nelson. She's gluten free, so I decided I would join her. I'm excited. This transfer is going to be awesome! I can't wait!

I don't even know where to begin! Church yesterday was SO GOOD. We had 8 investigators show up, and Sacrament Meeting was so good! We felt the spirit SO strongly! This one little girl with Down syndrome got up to bear her testimony and from the minute I saw her walking up to the podium, until she sat down I was bawling! She had such a sweet spirit about her! And her testimony was awesome! Also, Joan and Clarice, finally met each other. We teach both of them and they live on the same street, but have never met! When they did at church yesterday they were just hugging each other and would not stop talking! I was like ahhhh, this is so great! They're both set for baptism this month and I'm seriously so excited! Then we have two of our other investigators set for baptism on the 24th of this month come to church yesterday and we were so happy to see them! Grant and Morgan are their names, I think I've mentioned them before. They're mom is a less active, and we've been working with them lately. They're great!

So the last area Sister Nelson was in was Woodbridge, so we drove up there for a baptism they were having and it was seriously the coolest experience! The people being baptized were deaf. So the talks, the prayers and the baptismal ordinance was signed. I was in tears. The spirit was so strong. It was the coolest thing I've ever witnessed!

I feel like all of these miracles are happening and all we're doing is being obedient! Obedience brings blessings but exact obedience brings miracles. I have SUCH a testimony of that quote! We've been exactly obedient this week and look at all the blessings we've received! We have four people on date to be baptized and we should have another tomorrow! All of these people are amazing and I love them so much. I'm so happy that they've made the wonderful decision to enter into the waters of baptism and receive the Holy Ghost. I can't tell you how happy it makes me. I KNOW this gospel brings blessings and reading the Book of Mormon and going to church does as well. I am so grateful to be on a mission right now. Seriously. Sister Nelson and I talk about it all the time, we just LOVE it here. What we're doing right now, spreading the word about this amazing gospel, sharing it with everyone we come in contact with is so awesome! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is literally the most important thing they will ever hear. I am so grateful that I have this wonderful opportunity to serve a mission. I just want everyone to hear about the gospel and I want everyone to serve a mission. I love it here so much. The church is true! I love you all!


Sister Hallmark

Sister Nelson and I! :)

The ladys house we went to for dinner had 33 pairs of Toms. We were freaking out. I was like I WANT THEM ALL! Haha

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