Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I love it here!

So this week was spring break and we have literally done nothing all week. jk, we've done a little.. No one is home! All of our investigators or potential investigators were gone and no one was on campus, so we couldn't tract or contact anyone. But it's okay, because our now our apartment is suuuuuper clean. Hehe

So we had stake conference this weekend! And Saturday we had the adult session, they were both soooo good! There were only 2 talks given out of the whole weekend that weren't on missionary work and hastening the work of salvation! Obviously it's IMPORTANT. I cannot WAIT to see what this Genera Conference brings! So it was a broadcast from Salt Lake, and L. Tom Perry and a couple other seventy spoke. It was seriously so amazing! 

Well more and more people are getting their visa's so mine's gotta be close, right? Actually I don't remember if I mentioned this last week or not, but from now on when you get your visa after serving in the states you go to the Sao Paulo MT for two weeks before the field! So pumped for that! I'll get to brush up on my Portuguese and slowly get accustomed to the life there before being thrown into the field. Plus, I'll get to go to the temple there!!! I'm mostly excited for that!!! I was so disappointed when I found out that the Belo Horizonte mission doest have a temple in it! But now I'm happier that ever!!! So that's super exciting!

I'll attach a picture of the Sao Paulo temple! ps my camera broke. :( So unless someone who loves meeeee wants to buy me a new camera, hehe jk, I won't be posting pictures for awhile! :( Sorry! 

Com amor de mais!
Sister Hallmark

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