Monday, March 31, 2014

Hellllo World! Not really, probably just Texas. :)

This week was SOOOO good! Ahh! Okay, so the past few weeks has been like suuuuper duper hard, I've just been crying and hating life (not really hating but you know, I have to exaggerate) because I reallllly wanted my visa. Not that I hated my area, because I don't, I will BAWL my eyes out when I have to leave! But I just really was longing to be in Brazil! So I decided to fast. My companion, family, friends and I all fasted. I fasted in particular for the Houston Consulate to process things faster, (I called the travel office and they were like yeah the minimum wait for your visa right now is 2 months) so I fasted that they could start progressing it quicker because all I wanted was my visa. But the next day I felt SO happy, I don't even know how to explain, I was so excited to be in Virginia and now I feel like I can wait as long as the Lord wants me to for my visa. :) It was the weirdest thing, I feel like suddenly I have all the patience I need to endure this trial. I made a deal with the Lord. If I continue to be patient in waiting for my visa, He will help me learn the language quickly. :) Then comes the REAL trial! Stinkin Portuguese! Haha 

In other news, John, I really need to get a picture with him, anyway he's getting baptized in 3 weeks!!  STOKED for him! Also, I found out that this girl in my last area, Roshali, who we were teaching before I left is getting baptized the day before John!! I almost peed my pants when I found out!!! I was SOOO excited! So my other mother from Spotsy is picking Sister Chipman and I up for the baptism! I get to go back to SPOTSYYYYYYYYY!!!!! :) Best news in the whole world!!

I. AM. SO. EXCITED. FOR. GENERAL. CONFERENCE. I can't even explain! AHHHH!! It's gonna be awesome!! It will be a little weird not being in my pajamas and eating candy with my family while watching it.. But I'll get over it! We get to watch it with JOHN! Holla!

Line of the week:
*Sister Chipman and I had just shaved our legs for companion study... hehe*
Me: Ahhhh, my legs are so soft I can't stop feeling them!
Sister Chipman: I know! Don't they feel like dolphins?
She was completely serious.. I was DYING. Hahahaha

The church is true!!!

Tchau Tchau,
Sister Hallmark

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