Monday, June 16, 2014

Charlottesville Round 4

SO. I'M STAYING IN CHARLOTTESVILLE YSA FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER. I'm PUMPED. I never wanna leave ysa, it's seriously the best! I can't imagine not teaching people my own age. for real. oh and Sister Wilson is staying another transfer with me! :)

So MIRACLE. So there's this new member in our ward, Morgan Tracey, and we'd been trying to visit her for a long time, not having any luck. Well, the other day Sister Wilson was like let's go try and see Morgan, so we did and not only was she there but her roommate, Maria was too! So her roommate opens the door and she has a really thick accent and Sister Wilson says, oh what a beautiful accent you have, where are you from? She was like oh, BRAZIL. I almost peed my pants. Long story short, she was super interested. Then we went over the next day to have language study with her and this other guy in my ward who served in Brazil and I taught her the restoration and she loved it! She's seriously GOLDEN. It was super rough teaching in Portuguese, but I'm sooo excited to go to Brazil now. Not that I wasn't before, but I reallllly am now. Haha

Line of the week:

Sister Wilson: Dude you have a dentist appointment tomorrow.
Me: Shoot, I have to floss tonight.
Then we stayed up late talking then realized it was 10:30
Me: I'm not flossing anymore. 

We were like delirious that night. Everything was sooo funny. 3 fillings from the dentist later, and now I will start flossing people.  

I am sooo happy to be a member of this church and to know about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It is such a miracle. I am grateful to the Lord for everything. I love the Book of Mormon and am grateful to Joseph Smith for translating it though the power of God. I know this is Christs church. And I love it.

Ate logo! Tchau,
Sister Hallmark

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