Tuesday, June 24, 2014


K what the heck. You will never believe what happen this week. Geez I don't even know where to begin. Okey dokey, so Sister Wilson and I were just walking around campus talking to people and we ran into this guy Brian, who was actually from Dallas, so obviously he's cool. Anywho so we're talking to him, and we see this guy like across the lawn from the corner of our eyes just staring at us. First of all, creepy. But we continued talking, obvi. So I'm literally in the middle of saying the first vision or testifying about the Book of Mormon, who knows but definitely testifying of something good. And he walks up to us and puts his arm on Brian's shoulder and goes "I hope you're not letting these girls give you any trouble." And I was like ah crap. He's like anti Mormon or something weird and he's gonna start bible bashing or something, clearly I just jumped to worst possible scenario. Then Brian looks confused and was like oh don't worry, they're not. Then he goes "well sister Wilson and I have had some trouble in the past." And I'm like ohhh he's probably from her last area or something, then I asked her if she knew him and she was like ...no. And I was like K SOMETHINGS FISHY HERE. Then he starts laughing and says I'm a mormon, I live in Colorado I'm just up for the weekend. GOOD ONE. I have never been so scared in my lifeeeee. hahaha. well maybe that was an exaggeration, but I was pretty scared. So Brian had to leave, we gave him a Book of Mormon and went along our merry way. THEN it gets better. So Zack (the member) was like so the whole time I've been here I've been carrying around 2 books, the book I'm reading, and the Book of Mormon. Smart man. He said that he met this really sweet girl named Candace who said she loved the Book of Mormon musical when she saw his book. Then he talked with her for a little bit, then gave her the Book of Mormon and she said she would read the introduction by the next day. We were floored. We gave him our card and were like well give her our number!!! Then he goes "well I'm going to meet her right now, don't you wanna come?" UM OF COURSE. So as we're walking over there, oh yeah, he served his mission in Brazil! When I told him I was going there he was like oh you're a visa waiter then kinda laughed. Everybody thinks I'm a lost cause. I'll get there eventuallyyyyyyy guysssss. Anyway that's completely besides the point. So as we're walking he turns to us and says "would you sisters believe that last night I was praying that I'd meet y'all so I could pass her off?" Instantly I got the chills. I wanted to cry. So we go into Berry Berry, this place she works and met her. She was the sweeeeetest girl I've ever met in my entire life! And so we had a lesson with her and she brought her boyfriend and her roommate was there. It was the best lesson ever! She was soooo awesome and so prepared! SUCH a miracle!

Ahh, missions are just GREAT! I love them! I love the gospel and I love the Lord!

Line of the week:
K so this was probably one of the most awkward lessons ever. So I'm talking about prophets and I was like "Yeah God called prophets like Noses Moah. Instead of Moses and Noa. Then I stopped, laughed a little bit, then said the same thing again! It was awkward because the people who we were teaching didn't laugh. I was like LAUGH PEOPLE THIS IS AWKWARD. Hahaha

Te amo voces!
Sister Hallmark

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