Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Lord has blessed us sooo much!

This week has been amazing!! We've had so many miracles! The Lord has blessed us sooo much! 

K so this guy Jesse. We met him the other day just contacting on the street and he was super sweet. We met with him the next day and he's set for baptism on the 26th. He's super prepared. Understands everything and really has a desire to learn more! 

Also! This girl, Sharay, coolest story ever. This random girl walks into church yesterday and we didn't recognize her so we introduced ourselves. Apparently her best friend just got baptized a couple months ago and told her all about our church. Sharay decided to start reading the Book of Mormon and she said she really liked it so she wanted to come to church and see how we worship. So she came! Now if only we could have more people like here! haha. But she's seriously so cool. We were combined 3rd hour because it was the 5th sunday of the month and we were talking all about family history and she wasn't bored at all!!! She loved it! She was like that's so cool that y'all do baptisms for dead people. We were like WHY ARE YOU SO CHILL? I love her! She's getting baptized on the 19th. She's sooooo awesome.

And those are just a few of the many miracles we've seen this week. Sister Wilson and I are working so hard and it's definitely paying off! Gotta love the mish. I never wanna leave! I hit my 10 month mark the other day! Gross. I feel like I just came out the of MTC. I still don't know what I'm doing half the time. haha but it's great though!

Ate logo! Amo voces! 


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