Monday, July 14, 2014

Miracles happen once in awhile when you believeeeeee!

K, I kid you not, this week has literally been the best week in my entire mission! Holy cow I don't even know where to start! Which miracle to share first? K first I'll talk about Donald, then Marquis, then Tevin. And they're all black. And I love black people. That is all. 

So Donald. Sister Wilson and I were contacting on campus one day, haha I say one day like it's a rare occurrence. When really, we're there like every day. Anywhooo, so we met Donald on a bench and taught the restoration. He had so many questions..about EVERYTHING. As sister Wilson and I answered them, we learned so much. We taught straight from the spirit. I had no clue what I was saying. I was just speaking what came to my mind. It was the coolest thing to see the spirit working through us. So at the very end of the lesson, we're talking about the Book of Mormon and right as we give it to him, he was like oh wow! I was just about to ask you where I can get one of those books. And when we testified of the first vision, I cannot even explain how strong the spirit was. And he was crying. We set him on date for baptism on the 27th. We're meeting with him again tonight. After the lesson, sister Wilson and I were like what just happen?! It was seriously the coolest thing ever. Just to see how prepared and ready he was. He told us he had been going to church for awhile but didn't believe any of it and was really searching for the right church.

Marquis. Aight, he's super cool. Really quiet so we don't ever know what he's thinking. But we met him again on campus and we got a return appointment for the next day. We taught him the plan of salvation in like 15 minutes just because he seriously has like no questions or comments. Haha so we were kinda like ummm... BUT THEN he came to church yesterday and man, that's where it's at! So after sacrament we normally have quick introductions because there's always new people at the ysa. So we brought Marquis at he stood up and introduced himself and we're thinking he's just gonna introduce himself then sit down real quick. but no. He introduces himself then talks about how he's been going to this other church his whole life but recently is starting to get confused. He says he started searching for something more, the he met us. He was like I'm very glad I came to church today, I'll definitely be back. We were floored. We had no idea! Then he loved Sunday school and priesthood! It was just so amazing! He's so prepared! We're setting him for baptism on the 26th or the 2nd tonight when we meet with him after FHE.

Lastly but definitely not leastly.. hehe. TEVIN. We met him at the downtown mall, which is like an outdoors mall we go contacting at like all the time. K I've never met someone who loves Jesus so much and wants to tell everyoneeeeeeee, haha seriously. So we taught him the restoration at the mall and he was like grinning ear to ear, for real. He was like wait, like Christ church is on the earth?! Are you serious? Like he was so excited! I was like man, why can't everyone have that reaction?! hahaha. But we were like YEAH. It was an amazing lesson! We also set him on date for  baptism on the 27th. Oh yeah! So before we met Tevin, we had another lesson with this kid Dominic, who was a Jehovah Witness preacher, and we brought Paul to come to that lesson with him. Paul is this guy in our ward who lives like 30 minutes away, but we really wanted him to come. So he did. Then the lesson with Dominic fell through. He actually dropped us too. Good times. So we were like crap. What do we do?! So we went to the mall and started contacting with Paul. We felt horrible because he drove a million miles to come to this lesson and it fell through. Anyway so we met Tevin while we were contacting with Paul and it turns out they went to high school together! AND Tevin lives out by Paul. So he can give him rides everywhere. It was SUCH a miracle! So Paul brought Tevin to church yesterday and he stands up to introduce himself after sacrament meeting and does the same thing Marquis does. He's like I love this church so much. I've very thankful to be here. I WANNA BE BAPTIZED and all of this stuff. We were like what is even going on?! It was suuuuuuureal! 

I've never had such a phenomenal week in my entire life! SO. MANY. MIRACLES. Those were only a few. The Lord is realllllly hastening his work. I know he's preparing so many people for us. They're everywhere. Man I love this Gospel so much! I was studying the tribes of Israel in personal study today and my tribe, Ephraim says "Ephraim was gives the birthright in Israel and in the last days it has been the tribe of Ephraim's privilege first to bear the message of the Restoration of the Gospel to the world and to gather scattered Israel." What a privilege we have to share this good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I love you all! The church is true!

Tchau com amor,
Sister Hallmark

SO we milked a goat the other day..

Dang mosquitos! I almost died! Clearly!

Sister Wilson Locked me out of the Bathroom!

Thanks to everyone at the family reunion! It meant so much time! I was crying! 

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