Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another fantastic week in good ol Virginia!

K so I think I might have told y'all about Maria? Who knows. Anyway so she's this Brazilian that we met and I do language study with her. We taught her the restoration, correction, I taught her the restoration in Portuguese, it was very embarrassing, I know why I'm English speaking now.. Hahaha. Anyway, she isn't interested. Probably because she didn't understand what I was saying, I DIND'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I WAS SAYING. Haha. Nonetheless, she told us she wasn't interested. So we do language study with her a couple times a week. So there's this girl named Franceili and she's from Brazil and she just moved from Brazil and is now in our ward! I was like A BRAZILIAN, in our ward?! Ahhhh! So she's super awesome! But the other day we invited Maria to come to church again, but this time, we used the natural man and told her about Franceili and how she really wanted to meet her and stuff! Haha. Well SHE CAME! I was sooo happy to see her on Sunday! The talks in Sacrament meeting were on like receiving personal revelation and the life of Jesus Christ, I was like omg this can't get any more perfect. So she met Franceili and turns out they're both from the same part of Brazil! Only like 2 hours apart! How cool is that? They're like bfff's already. It was so great! I'm so happy I finally have some connections to brazil! It's so cool to speak portuguese with them. Well, they're speaking portuguese and I'm speaking portuenglish. yolo

Oh my gosh, k other miracle for the week! So you'll never guess what we did yesterday? The abominable tracting. I know. Gross. I seriously don't remember the last time I tracted. It just is NOT effective in YSA. I just love street contacting and talking to people. It's just super chill. Only bad thing is we can't really contact on Sundays, I mean, I'm sure we could. It's just weird. ANYWAY. So we're tracting and I totally did not have the right attitude about this because I was like there's gonna be no YSA's here and whatever. So the first door we knock on, there's this girl Devora, sweetest girl ever and YSA. So we're sharing the restoration with her and I get to the first vision and she starts bawling. She was like "thank you girls so much. I haven't been able to go to church recently and you two were an answer to my prayers. I feel the spirit! I just can't believe this!" We were so happy! I've never had an experience like that when someone just starts crying like that the first time we meet. The Lord has prepared her. MIRACLES HAPPEN PEOPLE.

I love my mission. Both of my missions. I am so grateful to be serving a mission right now! The work is going so great! I love you all!

Sister Hallmark

Line of the week:

As one of the elders are about to pray over the sacrament, Maria turns to me and says with the scariest look on her face and asks: "Is there a body under there?!" I literally almost peed my pants. I kid you not. I was like "ah, no that's the sacrament, like the bread and water." Hahaha. Then she was like "ohh okay now I understand." Then the more I looked at the table, it had a white sheet over it with the sacrament underneath and there totally could have been a body under there. Hahahahaha I've just never thought of that before but if you could have seen the look on her face. She was probably like what in the heck are these Mormons doing?!

We're finally done weekly planning! 10 years later! Hahaha

This awesome lady named Raquel we see at the mall like all the time. Basically we're best friends. Oh and her son Thomas! He's so cute!

Burgen!  My BFF

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