Thursday, July 10, 2014

Well this week was just fantastic!

 We saw so many miracles! First of which was seeing Jesse! k, seriously so cool. So Jesse is this super chill black guy who we met the other week just walking around campus, taught him the restoration then we met with him the next day and he committed to be baptized on the 26th... and I think I already told y'all about this buuuuut, I don't remember.. ANYWAY, he's cool, that's all you need to know. SO after our amazing lesson we're just like in awe of the whole thing. Well a couple days go buy and we can't get ahold of him. See lemme tell y'all something about YSA, it's hard to find people. And the first step to finding is stalking. The missionary life = the stalking life for real. So it hard enough getting peoples phone numbers when we're just street contacting, so we can't really be like oh by the way can I have your address too? Oh and while you're at it, what's your date of birth and social security number? K CREEPY. So for alllll of our potentials and investigators we just have their phone numbers, no addresses. We always just meet at the church or somewhere on campus so it's sooo easy for them to just fall off the face of the earth and you have no way to get in contact with them but their phone, which they don't answer. So you see our problem. So back to Jesse, he had completely fallen off the face of the planet and we were seriously so sad! Until Saturday night! So we were at this outside mall where there's a ton of YSA, just contacting people and we were there for like 30 minutes and talked to like 2 people. Sister Wilson and I were feeling kind of off that night, we were nervous to talk to people, they were all in big groups, whatever! Basically we were just making excuses as to why we didn't wanna talk to people. So as we decided to leave. As we were walking to our car I got this impression to just go back to the mall and try talking to people one more time. Heck no were my thoughts exactly. I am not going back! I'm tired, my back and feet hurt and nobody wanted to talk to us. But the closer we got to the car the stronger my impression got to go back. I was stubborn. I fought with the Lord for like 2 seconds. I just kept thinking how much I realllllllly did NOT want to go back. Finally I got the impression to go back again, so I threw my hands in the air and said FINE IMMA DO IT. So I was like Sister Wilson, I really feel like we need to go back and I could see in her face that she really didn't want to go back. But we did anyway. The whole time I'm thinking, man we better meet someone really cool tonight. Haha. I'm so dumb. just trust the lord you dummy So within minutes of us being back at the mall, guess who we saw? JESSE. I like wanted to cry. then I was like k I hate myself, why did I question the Lord? I'll never do that again. Haha. But it was sooo good to see him! He was like yeah I'm sooo sorry I haven't responded to your messages! I've been working like everyday! But he's coming to FHE tonight and we're teaching him afterwards! HALLELUJAH! Praise the LAWD. Plus the Lord blessed us with the courage to open our mouths and we met a ton of people as we were going through the mall again. Miracles I tell you! MIRACLES. 

Well now my fingers hurt. that was a lot of typing. Oh also we had a good 4th of July, we weekly planned and taught some lessons! Haha we also watch some fireworks from our porch. it was a good time.

The world cup is ending soon! I mean, I think,  sure hope so Charlottesville so I can only assume and hope. Haha. Maybe I'll get my visa soon? That'd be cool! brazil for lifeeeee also virginiaduhhh

Well I love you all soooo much! Make good choice! Remember who you are! I love being a missionary sooooooooooo much! It's changed my life! I KNOW my Savior lives and loves me so much. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet. Lately we've met SO many people who are anti and tell us all kinds of stuff about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon, it's so sad. It only makes my testimony stronger. "The truth will always be opposed." Man, I love this gospel and I love my mission. 

Tchau Tchau,
Sister Hallmark


              We made smoothie popsicles and got a little too excited.

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