Monday, October 20, 2014


As the weeks progress, the HOTTER it gets up in here. Literally, like I have never sweat so much in my entire life. It´s funny, so I´ll wear a white shirt and when we get home that night, it´s like all yellow. #thankyoubrasil And apparently summer just started, so we haven´t even gotten to the real heat yet, is what everyone says. Or at least that´s what I think everyone says, I honestly have no idea, I´m just guessing here. Haha, I still can´t understand people. 

Oh super cool miracle. So as a district we all fasted that we could each find 2 families with 4 kids and are legally married. Because everyone and their dog here has a family with kids but aren´t married. #realcoolguys Anyway so after we ended our fast we received a referral from our investigator Sebastiana, for her friends Lena and Adilson. So we went over to their house and they have 4 kids! We taught them the restoration and they committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. After we found out they aren´t legally married. :( BUT they want to be! That´s at least a start! Haha. It was really cool to see the Lords hand in this work. 

So last week, one of the things I fasted for was to learn this language quickly, clearly. And oh my gosh, it has been coming SO fast. It´s crazy because people will talk to me and sometimes I can actually understand what they´re saying. I still get made fun of on the daily by my companion and other Brasilians for having an American accent, but I´ve learned to just laugh it off. Even if I really wanna scream and tell them that I´m trying my best to speak their language and I´ve only been here for a month so relax. But I haven´t learned how to say that in Português yet.. hahaha. But seriously though, I´m speaking more in lessons and to people on the street. I cannot IMAGINE having to learn Português alone. I´m soooooooooo grateful for the Lords help and guidance. I thank Him every night.

I STILL can´t wrap my mind around the fact that I´m in Brasil right now. It´s surreal. I feel like I´ve grown SO much this week. It´s been really hard, but so rewarding. I´m recognizing everyday the Lords hand in my life. It´s what I rely on. I´m grateful for the strength and power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon everyday. It´s so good to have the opportunity start everyday off with studying it. It helps me so much! I´m so grateful for this gospel! :)

Amo vocês! Atè mais!

Sister Hallmark

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