Sunday, September 15, 2013

Conseguir Bades

These past two weeks have been amazing here at the MTC. I'm so happy to be here! I don't even know where to begin!

First, we got new Portuguese teachers and they're awesome! The language is really coming! It's awesome! We've been doing SYL, which is speak your language. So that means we've literally only been speaking Portuguese here, and it's made such a difference! My companion and I are learning so much! We love it!

So the other day I just was not having a good day, and I was doubting my ability to serve a mission. I thought I would never be fluent, and I was just really discouraged. So I got a blessing from the elders, and it made the world a difference. I have noticed myself being for alert and focused in class, and picking up on more Portuguese, which is never a bad thing! Haha I feel like I can conqueror the world!

Sister Ames and I have begun our lessons with our second investigator, Catarino. He's so great. I already love him. His entire family's been baptized, except for him. So, sister ames and I are really working hard on him to be baptized. Yesterday in one of the lessons, I was talking about Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon and started crying, I felt the spirit so strong. Once I started crying however, I completely lost my train of thought. It was the worst. Then our of no where, I started speaking, fast and continued on with the lesson. Only, words were literally just coming out of my mouth, I had no idea what I was saying in Portuguese. It was the best feeling ever. Then, after the lesson, our teacher pulled us aside and was like "Sister Hallmark, don't ever doubt your ability to speak Portuguese! I was so impressed, you did so well!" I was in shock, I didn't think I did that good, but it was nice to be told that! Haha Sister Ames was like "I want a blessing now!" Haha. I have such a testimony of the gift of tongues, I know that through Heavenly Father, that was the only was I was able to speak during that lesson. I am so grateful.

Sister Holmes and I auditioned this Thursday for me to sing at a devotional and her to play flute, (and elder mccleve to play piano for us) We auditioned with Savior, Redeemer of My Soul and it went horrible. Probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. So here's the story, we didn't give elder McCleve much time to practice the song, but he still did pretty good! Anyway, after the audition Sister Nally (the MTC president's wife might I add) was so rude. The first thing she said when we finished was "ohh, how nice of you guys to attempt that song, it's such a pretty hymn." Then she patted Elder McCleve on the shoulder and was like you missed a few notes. Maybe you guys could audition again with a real pianist." We were all SO EMBARRASSED. Literally. I would have cried if I were Elder McCleve, he took it like a champ though. So, yeah. Most embarrassing moment of my life, thus far. Haha, gotta love the MTC though!

I've got four more weeks in this place. It's only been two and it already feels like eternity. I love it, it's just a tad bit repetitive. We wake up, do language study, eat breakfast, get taught Portuguese for 3 or 4 hours, eat lunch, get taught more Portuguese for 3 or 4 hours, GYM (the highlight of everyone's day!!), dinner, then get taught Portuguese for 3 more hours, go to bed, then wake up and do it all over again. I love it but dislike it at the same time. I'm just glad I've got a great companion and awesome sisters I work with! I've truly been blessed!

I love this gospel, I love my companion, and I'm so happy to be here, even though it's boring at times! haha. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet who, with the help of The Lord, was able to translate the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God, and was written for our generation. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet in these latter days, and hold all priesthood keys on this Earth today. I know that Jesus Christ lives! I love him so much! I know that whenever we need him, he's always ready and eager to hear from us. I am SO grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission, and am so happy and excited to get out to Brazil and invited the Brazilians to come unto Christ! 

Ti amo todo!
Sister Hallmark

I got this Dear Elder, and it truly is a dear ELDER. My name is SISTER Darci Hallmark. SISTER. Not ELDER! Hahahaha

We went on a temple walk and found this sign. So cute! Haha

We went to the temple and saw THE CUTEST dog ever!!!!!!

Sister Kron got her re assignment to Detroit Michigan! Her last night with us! :(

Sister Ames and I are cray! I love her! Haha

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