Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eu Amo Vocês!


Another running joke in my district, is eu amo voCs, which means I love you all. After each class, our teacher ALWAYS without fail says, eu amo vocês, then bares their testimony. So we joke that it's like in the handbook or something and they have to say it. So when in doubt, we always said eu amo vocês, or YOLO. ;)

This week has been AWESOME! I capitalize awesome, because it literally was! So many amazing things happen I don't even know where to begin. And don't worry, I have like 5 billion pictures to share. 

First, Portuguese is just getting better and better. We taught our third lesson with Katarino yesterday and it went phenomenal! I feel like Sister Ames and I will be ready to go straight to Brazil and speak the language! That most likely won't happen, we'll get re assigned stateside first, but I can dream can't I? I can carry on a conversation with people easily now. I feel like it's mostly because of FSL, and the Lord, obviously. FLS is fala sua lingua, which means speak your language. So my district and I will have English fasts, so to speak, and only speak Portuguese for 24 hours. It's so hard, but totally worth it! We've only done it a couple times so far, but we'll have plenty more chances to do some more! 

Last Wednesday was my halfway mark! I've been here for 3 weeks and have 3 more to go! I had the opportunity to be a host for the new missionaries, which was way cool. I got to be there for the new babies and show them around and help them out. It was such a surreal experience because it feels like just yesterday that I was a little baby, brand new to the MTC. Nope, I'm a mom now, and pretty soon I'll be a grandma! Que triste! :(

Ready for the best news yet thought?! I GET TO SING IN THE RELIEF SOCIETY BROADCAST! The RS choir is having MTC sister sing at the broadcast! I couldn't be more excited. Mostly because I get to leave the MTC for a day, haha! But also because I get to see the prophet!! I've never been to conference or been in the presence of someone who holds such high authority in the church! I couldn't be more excited! But wait, it gets better! We had our first practice today and the general relief society presidency was there! Sister Linda Burton, and her counselors! It was so amazing! AND!  My companions and I got a picture with them! I'll upload it next week! It was so surreal to meat them! They were all so nice! But, there's more! If anyone has seen the movie 17 miracles, I saw a character from that movie! First off, 17 miracles is my FAVORITE church movie, by far. So, when we got to the practice, I almost peed my pants. The mother who leaves her drunk husband in the beginning of the movie, to find Zion, IS ONE OF OUR CHOIR DIRECTORS! I went up and talked with her afterwards, and was like I LOVE YOU!!!!! I told her I needed a picture as proof and that I met someone famous! She laughed. I didn't have my camera with me, so I told her I'd get a picture next time. So, I'll upload a pic of that next week, too! 

So, I'd say this week has been pretty eventful. I love the MTC! I don't love all the boring classes, and the food, but I love the atmosphere, and the people!

 Eu estou feliz por este opportunidade a ser um missionario. Eu amo este evangelho, com meu todo coraçao. Eu amo a CTM e meus profesoras. Eu se que Joseph Smith fui um profeta verdadero, quien traduçe o Livro de Mormon, por meio a ajuda de Deus. Eu se que Thomas S. Monson e um profeta hoje. Eu tenho um grande testimonio de o dom de lingua, e eu se que solomente com a ajuda de Deus, eu estou poder a falar Portuguese. Eu amo meu missão! E EU AMO VOCÊS!! 

I am happy for this opportunity to be a missionary. I love this gospel. with my whole heart. I love the MTC and my teachers. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet who translated the Book of Mormon, through the help of the Lord. I love the Book of Mormon! I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today. I have a huge testimony of the gift of tongues, and I know that only with the help of the Lord, I am able to speak Portuguese. I love my mission and I love you all!!! 

Line of the week:

Me: I need some chocolate

Sister Ames: I need a life...

Good one Sister Ames!!! Hahaha


Sister Hallmark

Ps, I wouldn't complain if anyone wanted to send me some Dear Elders. I LOVE getting them! It makes my day! Just go to that and you'll be able to figure it our from there. I think.. Haha if you have questions, ask my parents. My mission is Brazil, Belo Horizonte, and my mailbox number is 123. Oh and my departure date is October the 7th, if you need that. I don't know. Eu amo vocês!!! :)

My district!!! :)

This is my twin, Sister Holmes. We switched name tags, because we're cool. But seriously, she's awesome. We were literally twins, separated at birth. Everything we do and say is the same.  Literally. It's scary. Her mom's even hearing impaired too... How scary is that?! Hahaha. I love her! She goes to Utah State so I always say I'm gonna come live with her once I'm done with my mission. And she's going to Belo! Maybe we'll be companions!! Hopefully! That'd be awesome! Haha

I literally have no idea where this came from. I looked down one day and saw this huge scab/scratch. Literally I do not have ANY recollection of anything happening.. haha, too funny! 

Our Relief Society music for the broadcast! We're stoked!

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