Monday, September 9, 2013



I've been at the MTC for 9 days now and it feels like eternity, let me tell you. I have so much I want to say, but like no time to write. So I'll try to tell y'all everything I can, haha. The first day of the MTC was not as fun as I imagined. It was SO hard, and long and tiring. But I made it through! My companion, Sister Ames, is the best! I love her! She's seriously awesome! My district and zone are awesome! Portuguese is coming along.. The first day I got here my teacher only spoke in Portuguese, I was like ummmm. Haha, but I totally understand everything she's saying now. I can bear my testimony, pray and teach a lesson in Portuguese. It's pretty awesome. I got here Wednesday, and Friday Sista Ames and I were teaching our first investigator, Pedro, in Portuguese. It was rough. But now when we teach lessons, it's super easy. Portuguese really isn't that hard. I mean, I thought it would be much easier since I know Spanish, but no. It's not. It a COMPLETELY different accent. Some words are similar, but the accent is hard to get down. I know The Lord will help me through it. I've had so many spiritual experiences since coming here, and my testimony has grown so much! It's amazing. 

Line of the week:

Sister Dangerfield: *speaking in portuguese then asks a question.* The class is silent because NO ONE knew what she said. 

Elder Mourino: It's like she's trying to communicate...

Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive, e que nosso Pai Celesial e Jesus Cristo nos amo muito. Eu sei que este evangelho e verdadero e que O Livro de Mormon e um palavra de Deus. Eu amo este evangelho e a CTM. E EU AMO VOCE TODO!!!! 

I'm sorry this isn't a very long post I don't have much time! But, luckily I live my life through pictures, so I have a bajillion and one pictures. You're welcome in advance. 

Chi amo todo muito!

Sister Hallmark

Finally got my nametag!
Found Belo Horizonte on the world map! 

                                    The best district ever.

If we leave the classroom, we're supposed to write where. And this is what elders Christenson and Mathews wrote.... Hahaha


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