Monday, February 24, 2014

Short email!

This week's email is going to be short! I waited until the last minute to write this and now I have like 12 seconds left. Oopsie. PS sorry if I don't write everyone back, I try! But I love you all!! :)
Okay, so first off let me just reiterate the fact that I LOVE BEING IN A YSA. Seriously. Being able to teach people who are my age and I can relate with is so cool! Sister Chipman andI live like 10 minutes away from UVA, The University of Virginia and we just walk all over campus contacting people all the time! It's so much fun! I've never laughed so hard in my life. Some people are just so weird.
I'm praying for everyone back at home I hope you're all doing great! It's such a great time to be a missionary! The work is FANTASTIC wherever you are! I know that this church is true with my whole heart!
Line of the week:
We were reading a scripture about godliness and trying to describe it to her.
Beth: (less active) Yeah, so like godliness is next to happiness!
Long pause
Me: Yeah... It's cleanliness is next to godliness..
We were all dying laughing! Hahaha
Tchau com muito amor,
Sister Hallmark

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