Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Like to Look for Rainbows, Whenever There is Rain!

JOHN'S A BAPTIZED MAN NOW. He is officially the newest member of the Charlottesville Virginia Young Single Adult ward. AHH! His confirmation was SO powerful. We were SO happy for him to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost!

And our other investigators.... Yeah we have none. I mean we have some, but none who are progressing. And the end of the semester with finals are right around the corner. It just gives people an excuse not to meet with us. PEOPLE. THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. LET ME HELP YOU. I LOVEEEE YOU. Apparently strangers don't like being told I love you from another stranger.. Learned that the hard way. Hey love makes the world go round!

Anywhooo, I have a camera nowwwww!!! :) I am stoked! So I'll send some pictures from this past week!

Being in Spotsy last week was AMAZING! It was SO good to see Sister Nelson. I miss laughing everydayyyyyy. Ahhh! Haha. But seeing Roshelly get baptized and seeing everyone in the ward show up just brought me so much joy! I was like bawling my eyes out the whole closing hymn! Man, guys, the church is true! Also it was soooo good to see Sister Fitzgerald, aka my second mommy. I love her!

That's all for now! Stay strong everyone and keep smiling! :) This gospel brings happiness and joy!

Tchau com amor.
Sister Hallmark

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