Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I love it here! :)

THIS WEEK WAS BOMB. We taught this guy Bruno, which came to us as a referral from the Spanish Elders. And guess what? HE'S FROM BRAZIL. Wahoooooooo! The only sad part is that he knows English like perfect. I mean, good for him but I NEED TO PRACTICE MY PORTUGUESE. Haha. So we taught him in English, but I bore my testimony in Portuguese and he said the closing prayer in Portuguese. It was one of the coolest experiences ever! 

Well, we met with this guy Talon this week. We tracted into him surprisingly. and he was super interested. He was baptized Catholic, but considers himself non practicing. He just kept saying he's been searching for a religion that's right for him. We were like ahhhhhh, you're golden! He's seriously so awesome. However, he was supposed to come to church on Sunday, but the member who went to pick him up said that he came outside and was like, yeah sorry I had a huge party last night and got super drunk and now I have a super bad hangover. Well, at least he was honest, right?! Haha. Needless to say, we have not taught him the Word of Wisdom yet... He'll do great though! 

So Saturday will be a good and bad day. Bednar is coming, then that night they're calling us to tell us if we're getting transferred or not! :( I don't wanna leaveeeeeee! I think I'm staying and Sister Chipman is leaving! Well at least, that's what we both think. We'll see how it plays out! I'll let y'all know next week! 

I LOVEEEE being a missionary. Seriously. I can't believe they didn't lower the age sooner. hehe. I'm just so proud to be a representative of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer. We have seen sooo many miracles it's insane! I KNOW this church is truly the church that Christ established when he was on the earth. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I'm in 3rd Nephi right now when Christ is healing everyone and I just love that because it shows how truly merciful and amazing He really is. I recommend everyone read 3rd Nephi. Christ is coming sooooon. What better way to prepare than to see what He said and did when he was on the earth. I love Him. I love this Gospel, it makes me strive every day to be a better person. I love you all! The church is true! haha

Tchau tchau,
Sista Hallmark

Line of the week: 

Jessica: (21) Yeah, no guys ever like me because I'm Autistic.
Kim: (her mom) Yeah, well I'm fat, deaf and have glasses. 

She didn't mean for it to be funny, but I was literally about to pee my pants I was laughing so hard! Sister Chipman didn't think it was that funny. She doesn't have a very good sense of humor obviously.. Hahaha

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