Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Another Day Another Dollar"

K so this week we have had so many cool experiences it's insane! There's one that sticks out in particular!

So we're out tracting and what not, no actually I lied, I think we were seeing a less active or something I don't remember.. Anyway! We were in this trailer park and we were trying to figure out what we should do so we decided to tract a couple doors. We felt like we should. So I immediately think of a street name and I turned to Sister Fuhriman and was like "k I have a street name in my mind if you think of the same one it's inspiration" haha so she was like "Jessica." THAT WAS THE STREET I WAS THINKING OF. #revelation Seriously it was so random and so cool! So obviously we went to that street and tracted it. Well the first door we knocked on, we talked with this old guy named Johnny, we were in the middle of teaching the restoration then his phone rings and he comes back and was like I'm gonna be awhile, can y'all come back tomorrow night? And we were like yeah, I mean, I guess, we'll see what we have planned.. Haha jk of course of course. So we have an appointment for tonight. We're stoked because he was asking so many questions you could tell he had such a sincere desire. Then the next door we knocked on was this guy named Nelson. We seriously talked for like an hour on his door step about the gospel, while simultaneously being eaten alive by mosquitoes, literally no exaggeration. I probably got like 47 mosquito bites on my legs. good times ANYWAY. So Nelson. We were assuming he was a former investigator. He had a Book of Mormon with markings from the missionaries in it. He had SO many questions about our church. So he's Catholic and I guess his friends have been telling him all sorts of things about how crazy Mormons are. It was really good we went by and cleared up a TON of his concerns. You could tell the spirit was so strong. Sister Fuhriman bore such powerful testimony, I was like a proud little mom.  It was so random that we found him. He was open to us coming back, so we got a return appointment.

On our way home we were talking and it was just so cool how that happened. We received such clear direction from the Lord and look where it took us. I'm so happy I'm a missionary right now and have the wonderful opportunity of having the spirit with me always. It's such an amazing feeling. I never want it to stop. Sharing the gospel with everyone I see is who I have become now. I'm grateful for my calling.

I love you all!
Sister Hallmark

Line of the week:

Me: (on the phone) Hi Brother Kelly, this is the sister missionaries! Can we talk with your wife for a minute?
Brother Kelly: Which one?
There was a looooooong pause then we all busted up laughing. I was crying. Haha because at first I kind of believed him I was like wait what? Hahaha good times man good times.


Sister Fuhrimans leg literally got stuck and it took like 10 minutes to get out… Hahahaha 

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