Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Well like 2 seconds away from it. I'm back in Fredericksburg!!!!! I got transferred to the Massaponax ward and y'all will never guess what?! The Massaponax ward and the Spotsy ward share the same building! So I got to see everyone on Sunday!!!!!!!!! It was soooooo good to see everyone! It was like being back home! Everyday we drive around and I'm still in shock that I'm back in Fredericksburg. Never in a million years did I think I would come back here on my mission!! SO exciting! Anyway! So my new baby is Sister Fuhriman! She's so cute! She's from Washington! It's so weird not to have a companion not from Utah. People in church are like WOW no Utah! And we're like we know we know, we're the cool ones. Haha

So this area.. Haha. I loveeeeee Fredericksburg, it's my home but the work is definitely a lot different from YSA in Charlottesville. I'll miss it. Especially since we were teaching up the wazoo over there and we aren't really here.. YET. Haha. When we got here there was no investigators, so it was basically like we opened the area. Sister Fuhriman and I are getting really good at tracting. Haha. There's this one trailer park though called Glenwood and let me tell you, that is where the money is! Not literally. But for real so we've only knocked 4 doors and out of those 4 doors, 3 people let us in and we had lessons with them. They're so humble! I've forgotten what it's like to teach old people! They're so cute! It's so fun!

Oh yeah! Funny story, so our car got towed the other day.. RUDE. K so lemme explain. We parked in a parking spot at our apartment complex that said reserved parking and we just assumed it meant for the whole row, THAT'S WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE, nope though. Apparently it was just that one spot. So we went up to eat dinner, seriously like 45 minutes, came back and our car was gone! We were like what the?! Did someone steal our car!!! Our area book is in there! missionary probz how embarrassing, it got towed. :( So we were carless for 1 day. Moral of the story, I have a testimony of cars. I have a testimony that president wilson is an inspired man who put me in an area with a car becasue ain't nobody got time to walk around anywhere. Our area is huge and it takes like 20 minutes to get to civilization. Ohh also our apartment is super duper nice! I'll take some pics next week but we have like granite counter tops a huge living room 2 bathrooms, we're spoiled.. Haha

I'm so happy I'm back here I can't even explain. I know it we're gonna see many miracles here I'm so excited! I love it here soo much! My testimony is so strong and I know this is the true church of Christ. 

Line of the week:
Sister Fuhriman: Do you like bananas?
Me: Heck yeah, I love them! Do you?
Sister Fuhriman: Yeah.. Just like once a month or something.
Me: …. Who says that?! Hahaha

I love you all!
Sister Hallmark

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