Saturday, September 20, 2014


LITERALLY THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. AHHH. The computers are weird here, actually EVERYTHING is weird here, so I don't know if I'll be able to send pictures or not. Hahaha We'll see! But I seriously love it here so much! I don't even know where to begin!

K so they're literally giving us like zero time to email here so I'll write more once I get in the field next week! I'm leaving on Tuesday!!! I'm so excited! :)

I love my companions! I'm in a trio with sisters Anderson, and Dumas! They both were re assigned for a year too before getting their visas. Everyone and their mother are getting their visa now which is soooo good! Each week more and more missionaries show up to the ctm! it's so much fun! My Portugues is coming quicker than I expected! The Lord really does provide for his servants! We have 3 Brasilians in our room with us so we get good practice and speak with them all the time! They're all so cute!! I just LOVEEE Brasilians! Also we just got back from the Sao Paulo temple and it was seriously the prettiest temple ever! I was just sitting there and I was like I'm literally in Brasil right now! I NEVER thought this would happen! I had kind of given up hope of my visa ever coming through but the Lord didn't!

K so the food here. Mmm. LITERALLY we have meat and rice and beans every meal. #breakingthewordofwisdom seriously eat meat sparingly doesn't exist here.. hahaha. I thought I would never get tired of rice and beans and I can successfully say that if I never had them again in my life, I'd be okay with that. And it's only been a weeek! #mylife but the food here is sooo good! So many fruits and the bananas are where it's at! I literally have like 5 a day, there SOOO good here! 

Also I thought it would be like blazing hot here but it's actually not. Like at all. it's cold in the mornings and nights then feels good during the day! But I'm also in sao paulo, not belo horizonte. Anytime I tell a Brasilian here I'm going to Belo Horizonte they tell me that there's GREAT food and it's realllllly hot! I'm like ah no! Haha but it'll be good!

So we went out and proselyted a couple times and it was sooo cool! Like straight up on the streets on brasil! Teaching lessons in Portuguese! #giftoftongues I LOVE BRASIL!!!!

I have SUCH a testimony of the power of the Lord! I KNOW He's there for all his children, especially His missionaries! ;) I know I wouldn't be able to learn this language without Him! I loveeeeee being a missionary so much! And being in Brasil is AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!

Line of the week:
(Some brasilian was giving us a lecture about something I don't even remember what)
Brasilian: Tudo bem? (like do you understand?)
Me: Tudo bom (yeah)
Sister Dumas: What'd he say?
Me: I have no idea..

We were literally DYING, like crying in class. Literally this happens allll the time! They talk so fast here! hahaha

So next week when I'm in the field, I'll write personal emails, but since we have like no time here, I'm just gonna send one big email! I love you all!!

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