Monday, September 29, 2014

Literally I´m in Brasil right now. #mylife

So I don´t even know where to start! First off I get to Belo Horizonte and meet President Fortunato and his wife at the airport. They´re so cute! Then we get to the mission home and they made taco salad for us. They were like we know you were probably expecting a Brasilian meal, but taco salad is nice and easy and we love it. Hahaha it was great. Afterwards president was talking with us going over a few things and he mentioned my name and I was like crap, I literally have no clue what he´s saying, I don´t speak Português! Then I think I heard cinco horas in there somewhere and I was like please tell me he did not just say my area is 5 hours away.. He did. Hahahaha. I met my new companion and he got on a bus for 5 hours to our new area and got there at like 10:00 at night. #mylife It was so fun though. My new companion, Sister Carmago, is from Curitiba Brasil and I LOVE HER SO MUCH. So she´s so fun and she always tells me stories and I just nod and smile because I have no clue what she´s saying. When she laughs, I laugh, when she makes an angry face, so do I. Seriously I feel deaf, I rely soley on facial expressions when I´m talking with people because they speak so fast and I´m like i only speak english right now! I´m not bilingual yet! Relax! Hahahaha. But Português is coming quicker than I thought. I´ve only been here for a few days and I feel like each day I learn soooo much. 

So my area is Ipatinga (ee-pa-ching-a) and my ward is Bethânia, (be-ta-nya) it´s pretty much the best area in the whole mission. #nolie dude everyone is SOO open here! Like, we`ll find people on the street and they take us to their house to teach them, that´s happen countless times. I´m in awe. The work is hastening like crazy over here!!!!! I loveeeee it! 

It´s funny, people will ask me where I´m from and I say the estados unidos (united states) and they´re like oh cooool! Then they turn to Sister Camargo and ask her if I speak Português, and she´ll be like yeah! Talk to her! Then they just smile and stare at me. #itsalwaysawkward Also never in my life have I been asked if my last name is German.  Everyone and their dog here asks me if I´m from Germany? I´m like yeah, close, actually the united states hahaha. Also nobody can pronounce my name here. They´re like bom dia (good morning) sister Camargo and Sister .... long pause... bom dia sister. Hahahahaha. They say Walmart. Walmarch, olemarch, hawmarch, literally it´s the funniest. I´m always like yeah that´s perfect! Hahaha. There was this guy we met, and he found out that I was from the u.s. and he was like oh it´s my dream to go there and speak English! It was so cute! Then he starts speaking to me in his broken English and afterwards I was like your English is sooo good! He smiled. Then when we left Sister Camargo was like, sister, yes be nice, but don´t lie. He couldn´t speak English. Hahahahaha it was so funny. 

I thought the MTC food was good, no. That food was nothing compared to the food here in Minas. Holy cowwwwwww. It´s bomb. So we get fed lunch every day. and if we don´t have a member lunch, we can buy lunch then the mission reimburses us. It´s legit. So the lunches here are soooo big and soooo goood!!! We eat at around 12:30 with a member, then don´t eat again until we get into our apartment that night. It´s crazy. But surprisingly I´m not that hungry. Oh so there are SO many hills here! We literally walk everywhere, and it´s up and down up and down up and down. It´s whipping me into shape so fast.

Oh and it´s like a million degrees outside every day and nobody has ac. Everyone’s houses are like little shacks, in the shade. It´s so cute. I´m gonna get soooo tan here, well hopefully. Haha or really sunburned. 

I cannot say enough, obviously about how much I love Brasil. It´s the BOMB. I feel so blessed to have had 2 missions. Virginia definitely prepared me in every way for this. I love being a missionary. I LOVE this gospel and sharing it with everyone. The church is true!

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